Sunday, February 6, 2011

Boring Vegan

Hello Internet World!

I don't typically post any more, mostly because a) I'm incredibly busy with acting-type schtuff and maintaining a day job and b) I'm a really boring vegan ;).  I very rarely create new recipes.  Last night, I had brown rice pasta for dinner.  I had the same the night before.


I did just sign up for the Chicago 2011 Marathon, and I will be posting on how training goes for that.  I have 8 months, which to me, is perfect.  I know that I can be prepared in less time, but honestly, I do not want to struggle during my first marathon.  I want to KICK ASS.  I cannot wait.

My acting career is changing a little bit.  I recently filmed an industrial, and I can't express how surprised I was by how much I LOVE TO FILM, especially since I've done commercials before and really did not enjoy those.  Looking back, I'm guessing it's because, specifically for the one, it was an overnight shoot, and uh, well, I had an infected cervix (which I didn't even know was possible) and it was that time of the month.  Searing, searing pain.


Filming is an incredible process--you get to act BUT there's this whole scientific, logical aspect to it too.  Don't get me wrong, I love live theatre, and continue to perform with my sketch comedy ladies frequently, but this filming stuff is fantastic.  I always knew that I loved film--my heart aches the moment a movie begins, I love it so much.  There's usually crying involved.  The perfect date, in my opinion, is going to see a movie.  And then going home to watch another movie.  And maybe fitting in some dinner and some kissin' ;)

It's interesting being a vegan on set.  Here in Chicago, they were incredibly accommodating--in fact, I didn't even have to ask--vegan options were simply provided by the catering service.  However, on commercials I've done, this was not the case.  And let's be real, I wouldn't ask for favors, and that's ok---the opportunity itself is a huge gift, I don't need to be picky, I always bring some snacks anyway.  But if they throw in a veg sandwich and vegan tomato soup, or a delicious, healthy salad...why, yes please and thank you very much.  It also helps to have decent fuel for the rest of the shoot day, because it's really quite exhausting, and I noticed that actors who ate the heavier fare were not feeling too good about putting their costumes back on and continuing.  I can't blame them!  Now to get me an agent here in Chicago...

It's been rough going for the past month or so, emotionally--not because of bad things happening to me, they were very very wonderful things that I couldn't be happier about (again not for me), but, oh just--things not for an online blog ;).

So I will leave you with something that has helped me, amongst other things: Zencast.  It's an incredible podcast and is basically a Buddhist lecture.  I like to start my Monday mornings with it.  It reminds me that if I act with Love, Kindness, and Wisdom, I can't be too far off.

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