Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall Running

Well I am back after an incredibly long hiatus.  I recently moved to Chicago, joined a sketch comedy all-ladies group, and am trying to keep my head above water juggling work, theatre, and everything else....which is pretty normal.

That being said, I am still loving being a vegan, and happy to say that I am smoke-free which is helping my running quite a bit.

Now, THAT being said, I want to start discussing better ways to fuel our exercise.  I've noticed that though my mileage has picked up a bit, I haven't yet determined how to fuel properly before/afterward in a way that sustains me.

Typically, after a run, I am very hungry.  But, as Brendan Brazier tells us, it's not smart to just inhale a large meal.  Our bodies are recovering and we need to provide them with something easily digestible that goes straight to our muscles so that, rather than expending energy on our digesting food, the energy is sent to work on on repairing our muscles.

So this week, following my longer runs, I am going to experiment with having a Vega shake to see how I feel after that, because thus far my energy level has been dropping like CRAZY after I run and eat lunch.

Take care all!