Monday, January 4, 2010

It Can't be Nashville Every Night...

Ms. Silverstone says something really important in her book...without the direct quote handy, she creates the rule of "no guilt" when it comes to being a vegan. Sometimes we slip up. Sometimes we don't take care of our bodies like we should. Maybe we can't resist that piece of cheese pizza, or that ice cream sundae (notice what my temptations are? Definitely fatty dairy haha). Or, as you'll read in a bit, we indulge in too much alcohol, or bum a cigarette, or throw away that pop bottle instead of recycling... And too often we beat ourselves up and create the negative cycle of screw up, berate oneself, then screw up again because we have weakened our faith in ourselves.

I started to do that today. After yet another night of carousing last night involving too much beer, I woke up today exhausted, with a headache, and a little nauseous. I then went on my usual workout and could only do, again, two miles; very frustrating because prior to Christmas I was running 4.5 easily. And so of course, the self-flagellation began...thoughts like "If I had not been so unhealthy over the holidays and committed to wholesome behavior I would not be behind right now"..."It's my fault that I don't feel in top shape"...and the like filled my brain.

And then I decided to stop and give my thought patterns a 180. Rather than dwelling on the damage that I've done and the lack of work I've put in lately, I decided to turn it around and use that as motivation to take care of myself better today, and tomorrow, and the next day.

Clearly, I need to pick and choose when to go out in the evenings with my friends. As much as I love these people and have crazy fun each time, my body cannot handle drinking a few times a week. My constitution is way too sensitive, and then my actions make me feel crummy the whole next day.

BUT *big sigh* this blog is not about someone who has already achieved Atalanta status. Rather, it's about a woman who wants to become strong and empowered and feel as healthy as that Greek Goddess of running. I am an average jane. And that's why I feel like writing about this journey is important. So that others who may want to join me so that we can encourage one another recognize that none of us are superhuman, we're ordinary people working towards extraordinary things. And so, like The Tragically Hip sing, "It can't be Nashville every night." Every day can't be perfect. But we can make a greater commitment to ourselves, each other, and our world with every new day.

Healing Foods of the Day:
Ezekial 4:9 Sprouted Grain English Muffin (breakfast)
Also, just a little shout out to local restaurant Indigo Cafe:

For dinner this evening, my boyfriend and I went out to a restaurant called Indigo Cafe, and I have to rave about a DELICIOUS vegetarian sub (minus the cheese) with TONS of marinara sauce...I love me some tomatoes.

So Delicious Agave Sweetened Mini Fruit Bar (raspberry)
SO YUMMY!!!! Holy cow! The consistency was very creamy, like ice cream, and the flavor was very full--both sweet and tart, perfectly raspberry. And only 70 calories and fat-free! Very light and satisfying after my carb-heavy day (let's be honest!).

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